🔥 Monitor All Your Vital Signs in Real Time With This Futuristic SmartWatch 🔥

Over 95% of buyers rate GX SmartWatch“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”!

✅ Very Easy to Use For Anyone – Using the fully touch display through the simple menus anyone can use this smartwatch easily. It syncs in seconds with your smartphone. Manual in multiple languages included.

Long Battery Life – The 300mAh high-density polymer lithium battery with smart power consumption management can last up to 5 days on a single charge.

All-day Heart Rate Monitoring – Built-in PixArt 8002 optical heart rate sensor with intelligent heart rate monitoring algorithms. Both resting heart rate and exercise heart rate can be accurately measured all day long.

ECG Technology – Using PPG+ECG technology, it only takes a minute to take a electrocardiogram.The collected ECG can be shared with your doctor with the smartwatch APP. 

Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Sensors – Your blood pressure and blood oxygen can be measured directly from your watch. You can monitor your conditions in advance, or you can check more comprehensive data through the multi-language smartwatch APP.

What is it?

Nowadays, people can see a futuristic approach to life seeping into this world. Everything is getting modern and serving purposes even its inventor never thought that it could serve. Revolutions have shaped humanity, and they would continue to. Well, the revolution has been brought forth in the industry of watch-making and fitness tracking combined. Everyone in this world is aware of new smartwatches and the multi-purpose characteristics they have. They can play music, track the number of steps, let people receive calls and also show the time. What more do we need from a smartwatch? Well, can it save lives? The answer to this is “YES!”. GX SmartWatch is here to prove that.

What Makes GX SmartWatch So Special?

The GX SmartWatch is lightweight and has a elegant design, while it offers a big bright screen with always-on function. You can pair it in seconds with both iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth and answer/receive your calls directly on the watch, listen to music, save music, take as many pictures and videos as you like, monitor your fitness activities, and monitor you sleep. GX SmartWatch also helps your work by syncing with your phone to receive all notifications on your wrist in real time so you will never lose an important email or conversation. Spending hours sitting at home without moving has been confirmed as a big health risk. GX SmartWatch has a sedentary warning feature so everytime you sit without movement on the same place it warns you with sound and vibration. So this smartwatch promotes an active lifestyle while offering a lot of useful features.

Final Verdict: Should I Get One?

The Verdict is: YES! Having more features and better build quality than most premium smartwatches that cost up to 10x more. If you feel you need to keep tabs on your health, then the Withings Move ECG is an affordable way to put an ECG on your wrist. It also acts as a classy and subtle watch which tracks your exercise, swimming, sleep and daily steps. The GX SmartWatch is a technological device that will help you in your everyday life while adding you elegance and style.