7 Best Grease Gun (Reviews and Buying Guide)

7 Best Grease Gun (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Grease gun is most important tool in every garage it helps to lubricate the machinery parts and reach to smaller to smaller area of the machine, by using best grease gun you can save lot of future expenses, like rubbing of machinery, proper movement of chain and many more

These are very easy to use and are made up of quality material it can be very stress full to pick one from the dozens of guns out there in market so reviewed 7 must buy or best buy grease gun for 2020.

Pro tip: – we recommend gun which is with bendable hose that works well and is most upgraded model.

Product Image Product Name 
DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun
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Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip
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Alemite 500-E Grease Gun
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Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless
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STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Heavy Duty Professional
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AZUNO Pneumatic Grease GunAZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun
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Grease Gun Bare ToolMilwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease
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The Best Grease Gun For Garage Reviews

Here are the list of the best grease gun for garage out there in market :-

The reason dewalt comes first in the list is because this is the top rated grease gun in the market out there contains very powerful motor with 10000 max psi, contains lighting assists in low light situations.


  • Contains powerful motor with 10000 psi delivery
  • Weight is 14.8 lbs and works very well
  • Release 5 ounce of lubricate per minute
  • Can be easily charge and can run up of 16 cartridges per charge
  • Contain led light for low light visibility areas
  • Very long hose to make the work more friendly
  • Keep the dirt out prevent from clogging
  • Contains powerful motor with 10000 psi delivery
  • Release 5 ounce lubricate per minute
  • Long hose makes the work easier and faster
  • Bit heavy in weight

Contain high pressure hose with 7500 psi pressure doesn’t  required any battery to operate it just push, it also contain hose to easily access hard reaching areas, made up of premium quality and doesn’t contain any leakage option.


  • Contain grease with coupler work very well with high pressure
  • Work with force with 7500 psi
  • No leakage of grease with no wastage of grease
  • easy to operate no battery required
  • Include 18″ hose which helps in easy access
  • Work with 7500 psi pressure
  • Contain easily reachable hose
  • No need of battery to operate it
  • Required manual effort to operate it
  • No led for direction in dim light Situations

Super handy gun with 16 oz cylinder capacity work with 10000 psi pressure and suitable for small task not for industrial use it deliver 1oz in per 21 strokes made up of premium material and its super lightweight.


  • Work with pressure 10000 PSI
  • Lever mechanism for standard volume output
  • Provide standard volume output
  • Cylinder capacity is 16z and deliver 1 oz in per 21 stokes
  • Super lightweight and made up of vinyl material
  • Make up of premium quality
  • Super lightweight easy portable and no assemble cost
  • Work with 10000 psi pressure
  • Doesn't contain any hose.

Easy to use and come with box to keep it safe and dust free it works with 10000 psi pressure. Contain hose with 48″ which makes lot of work easy can easily reach hard areas contain battery to automate the work.


  • Works with 10000 psi max operating pressure
  • Made up of quality material and these are made up of very flexible hose
  • Enough long hose with 48″ capacity
  • Easy to lock and easy to operate it
  • Compact battery and easy to use will last for long
  • Made up of premium quality
  • Easy to use
  • Can easily work 10000 PSI pressure
  • Compact battery with fast charging capacity
  • No color option.

Very durable design super easy to use and easy refill option contain a hose which helps in easy access option its made up of leak proof material with 6000 psi pressure very durable body no leakage problem.


  • High pressure piston design very durable device
  • Leak proof design suitable for all type of use
  • Bulk section filter with air bleeding valve quickly comes with 3 way grease loading
  • Made up of premium quality and steel tube high durable its canister built
  • Contain 18 inch flexible hose make work so easy
  • Easy to use and will last for long
  • No leakage problem and are easy to refill
  • Need manual efforts to operate it.

Very decent black color design with easy refill option contain different pipe and other noses to make the work faster works with speed of 1200 to 6000 psi very grip gun and non slippery material made up.


  • Quick connect coupler with air grease gun and metal pipe extension as well quickly connect coupler
  • Super handy and very suitable grip
  • Feature lubricates with psi 1200 to 6000
  • No slip rubber provide high grip opportunity
  • Easy to refill and contain 3 different grease option
  • Easy to use very cozy design
  • Work with psi form 1200 to 6000
  • Super handy make the work faster and easier.
  • Small hose than other

Red battery powered gun with 10,000 psi pressure very easy to use super handy it can easily reach narrow areas the hose is 48″ long and made up of premium quality very flexible hose make the work easy as faster.


  • Comes with 10000 psi pressure loved by all industry leading
  • Contains flexible hose with 48″ long which reaches all areas easily
  • Very effective to perform the task
  • Very convenient easy lock and off option
  • Easy to use and super handy grip
  • Comes with hose that reaches all the areas
  • works with 10000 psi pressure
  • Very convenient
  • Only available in red color


This is the conclusion of what we had reviewed about the main important part is do you what is over greasing and under greasing, let in share over greasing mean when you fill lot of grease and it can cause jam or damage the seal or motor, moreover under greasing which very difficult to figure out the sign’s are odd sound of rubbing body are the under greasing factors so the point is it should be within the limit so you machinery work in smooth way and will be income for years. we forget to tell about our latest post read here best torque wrench

Let us know in comments what you think about under and over greasing and don’t forget to reviews our post in the comments section below.

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