6 Best Metallic Epoxy Floor Kit – Review 2021

6 Best Metallic Epoxy Floor Kit – Review 2021

8 Best Metallic Epoxy Floor Kits are very important for the floor coating required in the garage for flooring, everyone wants their garage to look beautiful that provide the long-lasting customer impact, every garage the person use lubricant oil that stains the floor easily and tools that dent the floor and crack that easily so for that the person uses the marble flooring for the garage that turn fade in a little time and turn slippery.

For the garage flooring the epoxy floor kit helps so well, these 8 kits are slip-proof and shinny features that will not turn the floor fade. These flooring kits have some special features that required much in the garage.

These can use to keep the floor beautiful and provide finished looks to the floor all the kits are peel-proof, and the glossy look that the main quality is it all are stainproof so the lubricant oil does not stain it. If in case lubricant and falls into the floor you can easily clean that with the help of any clothes.

Image Product Features Price
Rust-Oleum 299743 Rust-Oleum 299743
  • Durable
  • polycuramine concrete coating
  • Self-leveling
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Rust-Oleum 60003 Rust-Oleum 60003
  • Buildable formula is 20X stronger
  • Each kit covers up to 250 sq. ft
  • Walk on ready in 8-10 hours
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Simiron Metallic Additive Simiron Metallic Additive
  • Available in diffrent color
  • Good finidhing
  • Durable
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Rust-Oleum 286983 Rust-Oleum 286983
  • Rock Solid Metallic Floor Coating
  • Perfectly Suited For High Traffic Areas
  • Industrial Grade Polycuramine
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Rust-Oleum 292514 Rust-Oleum 292514
  • Low odor
  • Each kit covers up to 500 sq. ft
  • High-gloss protective finish
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  • Decorative floor kit containing epoxy coating
  • Flakes with reflective particles
  • Low VOC
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Best Metallic Epoxy Floor Kit

1. Rust-Oleum 299743

Rust-Oleum 299743 is a durable polycuramine concrete coating that can work on the interior concrete surfaces of the garage floor, workshop, family room, basement, and many more areas.
It has a self-leveling buildable formula that is 20X stronger than epoxy comes in a unique eco-friendly burst pouch and it is virtually VOC and odor-free floor coating.
This coating will be ready for walkable flor and vehicle ready within 24 hours. this can complete this super fast.

Each of the kits covers 125 sq. ft depending upon the surface porosity. It cleans up with mineral spirits.

After the complete coating, the floor will be an extremely high gloss finish that in a shimmery metallic color, cracking, chemical spills, hot tire pickup, and peeling resistance that provides a showroom quality floor in a coat that will be last long.

  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Use this for any floor
  • Do not give plan coating in crack floor

2. Rust-Oleum 60003

Rust-Oleum 60003 is a rock-solid polycuramine garage floor coating available in a different color, This coating is durable and lasts longer. The durable floor coating and polycuramine coating works on the interior concrete surfaces that include garage floor, workshop, basement, and many areas.
It is self-leveling with the buildable formula which is 20X stronger than epoxy that comes in a unique bust pouch and is virtually VOC with odor-free.
The coating will be ready for the walkable floor in 10 hours maximum and tie for the long years it can be fixed for the car within 24 hours.

each kit covers ups to 250 sq. ft of area depending upon the surface porosity, it will not pick up of hot tire.
It provides a terrazzo flooring look that is in the high low finish that can resist cracking, peeling, chemical spills, hot tire pick up and provide the last long showroom quality floor in a single coat that will be last super long.

  • Available in many shades
  • Give superfinishing
  • Use at any floor
  • Beautiful glow look
  • Only use in the plan floor

3. Simiron Metallic Additive

Simiron Metallic Additive is a durable and unique design for epoxy floorings, available in different shades. this pack contains 2 sizes the one is 16oz and the second is 32oz.

This epoxy flooring coating is not only last long but that the quality of this coating is unique that create a last long impact on the garage but floor coating abrasion resistant while having an excellent adhesion quality that leaves a smooth and cleanable floor for heavy-duty protection.

This coating is unique creates a three-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of waves, ripples, and swirls the pigmentation of this coating creates a three-dimensional look.

You cannot face any issue while coating you only need to mix it into clear epoxy then you can apply this to your desire floor for a beautiful 3-dimensional look it making it simple for use anytime.

This you can use anywhere in the studio, restaurant, garage, room anywhere according to your requirement.

  • Good quality
  • High finish
  • Smoothness
  • Slip resistance
  • Can be used on the floor that is the plan

4. Rust-Oleum 286983

Rust-Oleum 286983 is a metallic finish floor coating for the floor to look more beautiful and enhancive this coating contains Pearlescent And Iridescent Accents That Produce Marbleized Gleaming Finishes

the coating is highly suited for the high rush areas like garage and workshops but with that, it is safe for use in other interior areas as the laundry room, basement, family room, etc. it does not take any hot tire pickup. the hot tire pick up may damage the floor that can not for the long impact, this one is called low odor coating, it does not smell the time of flooring and after that also along with that, it is VOC free too. the country of origin of this product in the USA.

  • Easily fit high traffic area
  • Give glassy finish
  • Last Long finish
  • Look dusty soon

5. Rust-Oleum 292514

Rust-Oleum 292514 is epoxy shield premium flooring coating use to coat the floor for perfection and shive this product gives a long last impact in the garage and showroom.
The odor of this coating is very low so nobody ever faces any type of reaction because of this paint, It is also a low VOC formula that is ideal for other rooms’ interiors like the garage, basement, and many more.
the solid epoxy coating will provide excellent adhesion, durability, chemical resistance and resists the hot tire to pick up

Each kit can cover up 500 sq. ft of the floor on the painted surface of 250 sq. ft. on the bare concrete.
this is a heavy-duty coating that will be ready for walkable in 8 to 24 hours and for the car in 72 hours after painting the floor. and it comes in easy to use bust pouch that reduces waste.
the high gloss shine provides the finish of last long as showroom finish of the floor for many long years.

  • Low odor
  • Use this on the bare coated surface
  • for high traffic area too
  • Beautiful shiny look
  • Catch stain easily


SUPERCOAT-DE300 is 4 deco effects Arabian night epoxy floor coating use for decorating floors, this decorative floor kit containing epoxy coating, flakes with reflective particles, urethane glaze coat, and nonslip additive particles for better floor decoration and coating.

this can easily cover 400 to 500 sq. ft area in unique multicolor chips with the beautiful holographic reflective particles that are scattered into the wet epoxy coating.

This coating is low odor and bacteria proof and with low VOC. the coating has a water base that makes this one more beautiful and attractive the eight color combinations of coating give excellent adhesion to concrete.

  • Available in multi shades
  • Stain-proof
  • Glassy shine
  • for high traffic area
  • Crack easily


Here is the best Metallic Epoxy Floor Kit for the garage floor that makes the garage floor look clean and glossy, this kit has the quality that makes garage stain resistant and looks glossy and beautiful 

The garage can make so impactful for the first and the last time for the customer that can really matter for your garage to look ore clean and shiny. The floor always performs the main impact point to others. so for that, we introduced you to some best epoxy kits that make your floor look good and glossy. some of them are peel-proof too that can make the coating for the last long time and look good every time, That all are stainless, along with garage these are also for other interior areas too.  Hope this article helps you to find the best floor coating product for your garage. 

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