7 Garage Door Safety Tips

7 Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage door is the substantial moving object at our your home. Nobody  want to clutter with it. As per the report every year, at least 15,000 injuries happen from garage doors across the world, as per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS).

These tips, along with constant maintenance, will help to keep your family safe.


1. Check the safety sensors

The garage door opener’s safety sensors are attached with the rails on which the garage door moves about six inches from the ground. Their job is to reverse the movement of a closing garage door if a person or animal walks under a closing garage door.

To check it, push the control button to start closing of the garage door but before the door closes, keep a broom or any object in front of one of the sensors. Blocking the beam should make the door stop immediately and it will reverse. If the door doesn’t reverse then call a garage door opener expert to check the garage door opener and repair it if needed.

2. Don’t share the password  

Many of companies including Craftsman keeps door openers and they let you set one-time and user-specific codes. That is easy to access without you reveal disclose garage door opener’s key pad. It a tech world new smartphone apps also offer more control by allowing you to open and close the door from distance.

3. No free rides

It might seems funny to kids to play with the garage door while drape onto the door handle, so we should focus on this kid activity and we should teach kids that the garage door is not a toy.

4. Keep eyes on your fingers.

We should always keep our eyes on our finger while closing and opening the garage door and children too to keep their hands away from the joints between panels of the garage door when it’s closing or opening. NEISS reports says more than 7,500 injuries from fingers getting caught between door sections every year. Some of the newer doors has pinch protection which reduce the risk of serious hand and finger injuries.

5. Keep garage door opener remotes away from children.

We should always conceal transmitters from children and we make sure that the wall control for the garage door opener is at least 5 feet above from the ground so that young children can not reach to it.

6. Check the auto-reverse

Generally, all the garage door openers are manufactured after 1991 and must have a reversing function that makes a door to change its direction if it comes in touche with something in its path. To test the auto-reverse, open the garage door and place a full roll of paper or a towels on its side below the center of the door. Then press the button to close the garage door. The door should reverse when it touches the paper towel. If not that happens then adjust the door’s downward force, or call in a pro to fixed it.

7. Check the force

The garage door should stop if you try to push it down when it’s going up or push up on the bottom of the door as it is lowering. If it does not happen then you might be able to refine it by yourself by adjusting the force settings.

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