Top 7 Tips To Keep Thieves Out of Your Garage

Top 7 Tips To Keep Thieves Out of Your Garage

Perfectly securing your garage is an important facet of good home security. It will not only protect your things of great worth from theft, but it will prevent unauthorized access to your home and garages.

If you are looking for peace of mind whether you are at home, at work or on vacation for the month, there are several simple strategies you can recruit to improve the security of your garage and prevent thieves from trying to break in to your home.

These eight security tips will definitely help you think like a robber so that you can secure your garage and beat the bad guys by own game.

1. Shed Some Light 

Burglars generally likes to robe in the darkness of night, and many of them plan on the dark shadows around your garage to get hide their dim attempts to get into your homes. Installing motion-activated flood lights around the garage windows and doors will make robbers to think twice about seeking a nighttime break-in. Motion-sensing lights are especially helpful for keeping separated garages out of the shadows.

2. Check Your Landscaping

Most Of the forward burglars will not mind slink around your home in broad daylight, but they will still try to take advantage of the cover provided by tree or botany near your garage door or window.

Make sure neighbors and passersby can see everything going on near your garage by cutting away large trees and bush and keeping entry points visible from the street. Planting small thorny shrubs under ground-floor garage windows can prevent burglars from crack in that way into garage.

3. Close The Door

We know this make no sense, but you might see in some of the residential  neighborhood house a wide-open garage doors with no householder in sight. An open garage door is an open invitation to robbers.

If you are ashamed of leaving your garage door open, try to install a garage door sensor or an automatic garage door closer. A sensor will remind you if your overhead door is open or closed, and a closer will automatically close the garage after a certain period of time. For more security try to install an automatic garage door lock to automatically close your garage door. You can check here Best Chamberlain Garage Door Opener.

4. Hide Your Things

Not every thieves go in dark to steal. Most of them try to scan your home to get an idea to robe. If you have uncovered window that can show  all your high-value garage product and can  motivate a burglar needs to settle on your house for their next score.

Interior curtains or blinds is very help full, but if you want to let light in and you don’t remember to close the blinds consider using an adhesive window covering material like this Artscape Etched Glass Window Film.

5. Think Of Your Remote Again

Try not to keep your automatic garage door openers clipped to the shade in your cars. Thieves know that a garage door opener remote is generally like another key into your home, and they won’t delay to use it if they get it.

Try to treat your garage door opener more like a key by replacing it with a key chain remote that you can carry it with you at all times. Another alternative is to get a smart garage door opener to access your garage door from anywhere via your smartphone.

6. Protect Your Service Door

Thieves loves to get in from a good side of door where they can do their crack and entering away from the prying eyes of neighbors. Most exterior garage service doors with standard locks can be break with a solid things in just one kick but a few simple changes can keep a burglar away forever.

Strengthen up your exterior door security with a deadbolt, and do remember that your doors weakest point is the strike plate where the lock meets the door. Try to replace the strike plate with a tough one, and use at least of 3-inch screws to secure it.

7. Secure Your Home Entry Door

Don’t forget about the door that take from your attached garage into your house. By losing power tools and sporting tools is bad enough, but once a robber gets access to the rest of your house than you run at greater risks.

Always try to remember to lock this entry door. A fancy deadbolt or sensor won’t help much if your door isn’t locked to begin with.

Moreover to secure this door, we highly recommend to strengthen the door’s strike plate and hang a solid core door with a deadbolt. Your garage entry door is also the perfect spot for robber.

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